What is Management Rights?

Management Rights originated in the mid-1970s on the Gold Coast. This widely used management system has proven to be highly successful throughout Queensland in the years since. Management Rights were born out of necessity when property developers in the 60s and 70s realised that they could more effectively manage their businesses by buying a unit within the development and using the unit as their residence and a base in which to operate their onsite caretaking and letting agency business, thus creating Management Rights that could be bought and sold.

To own Management Rights is to provide management services for a variety of properties such as townhouses, apartments, and other community buildings. There are four different major types of communities i.e. permanent residential letting, holiday letting, business letting, and student accommodation. Some communities are hybrids of one or more of these models.

With Management Rights there is no inventory to manage, no shops to rent, streamlined staff, flexible working hours, and many other benefits. Being a business that is relatively easy to get into, and with the unique financial stability that it offers, Management Rights has become an industry that has attracted the attention of many people from varied walks of life.

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